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Editing Services

I offer editing services to writers who are a part of the Vocal writing platform. And my fees can be paid in the form of a $20 tip through the Vocal website, if you are a member. This is only for short story and article editing. If you'd like my services on anything longer than that (i.e. a book) it will obviously cost more than just $20 US, and you can contact me at the email on the poster below for more information.

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More Testimonials

  • Caitlin worked her editorial magic on a piece for me and her advice was great. After using her suggestions and rereading both versions I felt much more comfortable saying, “I think this is in good shape to publish on Vocal.” Her keen eye for little things that I was too close to as the writer helped immensely. The way she goes about communicating was both honest and supportive, which made me feel really good about the process. I can’t thank her enough ~ Jason Morton

  • Caitlin's feedback was so helpful! it was clear and constructive which helped to get my story off the ground! ~ E.A. Wilcox

  • I worked with Caitlin McColl on my book Mindfully Saving Myself: One Moment at a Time (buy on Amazon!). Having her edit the book was really helpful. She spotted the usual mistakes that us authors can be blind to, she didn’t miss a thing, but the most important thing was that she never imposed her edits. Although I did accept most suggested changes to sentence formations and similar, rather than trying to dictate, she worked with me in a very collaborative manner. Her entire goal was making sure that the core message of any paragraph of the book was expressed as clearly and in as an accessible way as possible. Her work rate is also phenomenal! It was never her who held things up! I’m happy with the outcome so I would recommend her editing services to anyone. ~ Stephen McCoull

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